Small Utility or Boot Room? No Problem…

Having a room for muddy boots and wet coats in the winter is great as it means people aren’t trudging through the house and making a mess we offer home improvements in Richmond which means we can help you create the perfect room in your home. But it is equally

Our Tips On Making Your Living Room An Amicable Space

How often do you use your living room? It’s a room that can be quite often overlooked and a space that many are unsure how to get the most out of. We provide building extension services in Richmond. Yes, it’s fantastic when you have friends and family over and you

Tips on Saving Money on your Garden Renovation

Like with any large-scale project, you would like to complete it with the smallest possible budget… but we understand that it’s not always as easy as you may think. By making the right choices and decisions you will be able to create the perfect garden that you can admire all

Bathroom Renovations Richmond – The Most Common Mistakes That Happen During A Refurbishment

Here at Arcadia Builders our experienced team provide specialist services such as bathroom renovations in Richmond and across the North East. When you are working with a room that has many different pipes such as a bathroom, it can be quite the challenge to refurbish it but often the outcome

Builders Northallerton – Creating a Building That is Perfect For You

Here at Arcadia Builders we are professional builders in Northallerton, providing our services across the North East. Many people take great pride in their home and the overall aesthetic of it from the roof to the floor! Over the years our talented team have created the most stunning new build

Builders Darlington – New Building Regulations That Will Take Effect in June 2022

As professional Builders in Darlington and across the North East, we need to keep up to date with the latest building regulations. From 2022 new homes will need to produce less carbon emissions, around 30% less to what they are currently producing. This is part of an update to the

Kitchens North East – Keeping It Organised At Christmas Time

We are experienced in installing new kitchens across the North East and typically at Christmas there are more people at home which means more food is in the house. Plus, with it being Christmas time you would expect the cupboards to be full of goodies, presents under the tree and

Are you prepared for the winter weather and storms we could face?

As we approach winter, ever year there is the possibility of snowstorms and in general bad weather storms. Recently many parts of the UK have faced Storm Arwen where it has been devastating to many, leaving some with no power and some with snow outside their door. Usually we would

Knowing If Your Property Is Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian

Like in every country the UK has a mixture of architectural styles from ultra-modern homes to periodic Victorian and Edwardian homes. Have you ever thought what period your home was built in? We will help you to understand the period your home was built in and how you can see

Arcadia Builders In Northallerton – Our Tips For Preparing Your Home For Autumn

Sweater weather is very nearly here so it is important to start preparing for the autumnal months. As much as we need to prepare ourselves, we also need to prepare our home to ensure that the different seasons don’t have an effect on what we can do. When having your

What You Should Consider Before Renovating Your Home

Many homeowners across the North East either consider renovating their home or carry out a full home renovation. Quite often many of them reach the end of the renovation process and have fallen at a few hurdles because there were a number of things they didn’t know before they started.

Recharge Your Kitchen With Arcadia

The style and layout of a kitchen is vital for the overall aesthetic of your property. A kitchen renovation is one of the most popular home improvements to be carried out. Not only does it create extra space for you to enjoy but it can also add extra value to

Transform Your Outdoor Space Ready For Summer

The height of summer is just around the corner and there are many ways that you can make the most of your outdoor space. Whether you have a large, lavish garden or something that is simple and elegant there are a few simple elements you could add which will make

Kitchen Design Trends 2021

Throughout 2020, there were multiple different kitchen trends, from navy cupboards to copper accents and accessories. This year we have already seen new design trends which we absolutely love! In this blog we are going to discuss some of our favourite kitchen trends to help give you inspiration for your

How To Maximise Your Garden Space

With the COVID-19 pandemic controlling the majority of the last year, it has been difficult for everyone to maintain a normal lifestyle. If the pandemic has shown us anything it is that any outdoor space that we have we should cherish and not take for granted. Throughout 2020 and the

Why Are New Build Homes So Popular?

Did you know that 11% of homes in the UK are new builds? Over recent years new build homes have become increasingly popular in all parts of the UK and we understand why people prefer to build their own home. At Arcadia Builders we take great pride in ensuring that

Transform Your Home In 2021

As we begin 2021 with a winter lockdown, many people are using this time to plan for the year ahead. Using our services such as renovations, extensions and new builds our team can help your dream home become a reality. Whether you are looking for a new kitchen or would

Our Tips For Renovating Your House

People often renovate a house to make it feel more like a home. Through renovations you can create a stunning home and add value to it. In this blog we are going to discuss our tips for renovating a house. Effective Planning Effective planning is key to any renovation or

Our Top 3 Winter Home Maintenance Tips

During cold, harsh Winters don’t want to be carrying out repairs to your home. Using our 5 maintenance top tips, you can prepare your home for the colder weather and the months ahead. 1. Check Your Gutters and Drainage When the rain falls and your gutters are blocked, pressure is

How Arcadia Can Help You

Whether you are looking for a renovation, new kitchen or you would like to completely build a new property, Arcadia Builders are here to help you. We can work with you to ensure that your property visions become a reality. From the first initial conversation through to the building and

How To Get Your Garden Ready For The Height Of Summer

Here at Arcadia Builders, we offer a wide range of services including garden rooms. We cover North Yorkshire, including Richmond, Harrogate, Darlington, Ripon, Bedale and many other locations. We can help to restore an unused space into a modern, stylish garden room which can be utilised all year round. In

How To Modernise The Interior Of Your Home

The key to keeping your home fresh is to update it with modern on trend touches. In this blog we are going to discuss a few affordable ways of modernising your home! Keeping accessories to a minimum: To keep your home looking modern and sleek you don’t need endless accessories

How We Can Add Value To Your Property

If you want to get the highest possible price for your property when you decide to sell it, it always makes sense to do a bit of work before you put the house up for sale. By making improvements to your home you can not only add monetary value but

Arcadia: Your No1 Team Of Builders In North Yorkshire

As we move onto our newest building projects we wanted to pause for a moment and look back at what makes us your No1 team of builders in North Yorkshire. We are proud to have serviced areas throughout the region since we were first set up in 2008. These areas

Great Uses For Your Garden Room

If you are lucky enough to have a large garden attached to your home, it makes great sense to put the space to use. A garden room is one fantastic option for an extension that is actually separate from the property. Garden rooms are really on trend at the moment

Our Favourite Barn Conversion Ideas

Our Favourite Barn Conversion Ideas When it comes to renovations, there is nothing quite as impressive as a barn conversion. For people across the UK, it is a dream to move into a stunning barn conversion with their loved ones. This type of project is one of our favourites to

Popular Home Design Themes for New Kitchens

Are you wanting to keep up the trends? Here are some of the popular home themes this year…

Why It’s Worth Getting an Extension in Your Home

Whether you are looking to sell your home or add something new, an extension is a great way to transform your home…

How to Transform Your Garden

Looking for a garden refresh? In this blog we share some great ideas to update your garden without the need for a full makeover…